Lifting Lockdown: Episode 8

Originally posted 22MAY2020

Previously on Lifting Lockdown:
– Atilis Gym continued its fight in New Jersey.
– Nothing happened at PwrBld gym, despite the promises of doom made from everybody who knew nothing about small gyms.
– Ohio’s Stay-At-Home order expired.

Tonight, we continue to monitor Atilis, we briefly discuss new developments in USAPL, and we add another gym to the list of PA gyms opening despite Wolf’s orders.

We’ll also discuss Wolf’s efforts to pretend everything’s fine, and everyone accepts businesses being suffocated.

1. ) Mental health. When I first started working with James Townsend, he floated a theory that physical exercise could decimate the anti-depressant industry. In other words, regular and vigorous physical exercise would serve as a boost to mental health.

I’d like to begin tonight by discussing that thesis of Lifting Lockdown: That mental health has been damaged by the lockdowns, and the lack of physical/mental health resources. — Earlier this week, more than 600 doctors signed a letter to President Trump saying that the “national shutdown” has “exponentially growing health consequences” ranging from missed checkups, to substance and alcohol abuse. — The effects of lockdown have come to include a rise in suicides.

The stuff that, if brought up, would lead to accusations that you “don’t care about old people,” or “don’t care about the well-being of others,” are being shown to be far more damaging long-term than Covid-19. Largely because the lockdowns are allowing for more problems to hit entirely different groups of people. 1 group with shaky mental health, another with shaky financial health, another group of people in abusive relationships, etc.. All being hit in different ways, but as a result of the same thing.

It’s going to be something that will be very difficult for some to come to grips with; that “stay home, save lives” did nothing of the sort. —- Now, as we discussed back in Episode 3, people fretting about whether lockdowns have made people MORE sedentary, and the long-term physical/mental damage that could come from that. — Episode 3 also featured this incredible article on why it was a mistake to close gyms and other fitness centers during a pandemic.

2.) Atilis — Bringing up a 2007 arrest didn’t seem to work, so now we’re dealing with Atilis owner Ian Smith being accused of being a white supremacist. —- After the Health Department tried to shut them down, they were able to open regardless without incident Friday.

3A.) PA: Reopening.

As if PA couldn’t blow up its own recovery any worse, they quietly changed the meaning of the green phase to include the phrase “not a return to the way things were, but changing behavior for a new normal.”

Yeah, screw that. —- There’s a whole ton of other stuff that is classic PA bureaucracy (read: counterproductive on a level humans aren’t supposed to be capable of), including limiting restaurant capacity to 75%, but the point is that the “green phase” isn’t less of a fear-mongering waste of time than the other 2.

Put more bluntly: We need more PwrBlds. We need more facilities to ignore the “phases.”

Luckily, we’re getting more PwrBlds.

3B.) PA: Gyms
I am now firmly of the belief that Collin Whitney in the east half of PA, and Jeremiah Snyder in the west set off a movement in the PA gym scene. First it was PwrBld publicly announcing a reopening regardless of Gov. Wolf’s orders on 08MAY, while Alpha Fitness quietly opened around the same time. (The opening of the latter seems almost limited to Snyder’s public Facebook; reference Lifting Lockdown Episode 3.)

10X Fitness announced a reopening out of nowhere on 10MAY. They were closed down 2 days later.

When 10X went offline, Danko’s All American Fitness announced plans to reopen (reference Lifting Lockdown: Episode 2)

Just NW of PwrBld, Transcend Fitness went live 15MAY (reference Episode 5)

Meanwhile, charges against a gym in Hermitage were dropped. (Episode 6) —- Now we have a gym in Allentown, opening this Sunday…. —— ….AND a gym in Plum opening for business in Allegheny County. Monty Webb, of Webb’s World of Fitness was very frank on his take on proceedings:

““I think Wolf’s a freaking (expletive),” Webb said. “He’s either that much of a wuss, or there’s some agenda here. It’s not this virus. You don’t get this time back. They take high school sports away from them. This is a political sham.””

Sidebar: My thanks to Collin Whitney for putting up with my repeated questions and updates on this subject. When (and if) PA opens up fully, hopefully around the time of Collegiate Nationals, I owe it to the man to stop by PwrBld after all the crap I’ve thrown at him. The man has been very patient with me.

4.) States Fights —- CT is extending restrictions on gyms and large gatherings to around 20JUN, but Governor Ned Lemont is looking to open gyms, “other personal services” on that date. — And because I want to keep making this point, here’s Reason’s take on the Ohio case. The judge ruled that Ohio’s lockdown was “arbitrary, unreasonable, and oppressive.”

5.) Florida, Georgia, and the demise of both. —- “Bad press and favorable results” is a good way to explain Ron DeSantis’ approach to Covid. — It’s also a great way to discuss Georgia’s approach. —- The destructive surge that was promised simply isn’t happening. —- As this Bloomberg op-ed notes, “Lockdowns haven’t proved they’re worth the havoc.”

The question is only in determining what damage the lockdown has caused.

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