Lifting Lockdown: Episode 4

Originally posted on 14MAY2020

Previously on Lockdown Lifting:

A two-pronged effort in Ohio, one being a lawsuit, the other testifying before government officials.

More states opened up, to the horror of those who still think THE SURGE is coming (for the sixth week running).

Plus, the opioid crisis is even more of an issue because of COVID-19.

Two stories tonight. As the pressure builds in PA, the Ohio approach gets results.

1.) PA. —- Before we go anywhere, check out the video attached to this article. It’s from ABC 6 in Philly, about PwrBld Gym opening despite Gov. Wolf’s orders. It’s a balanced report, and more or less challenges people to consider the economic impact of lockdown. Collin Whitney did damn well on that broadcast.

Note, by the way, that people IN business aren’t surprised by Whitney’s movements, and expect other businesses to follow suit because they would prefer to not starve. That is the argument that must be countered, and good luck with that. —- Meanwhile, the revolt in PA is getting national attention. This article showed up in the LA Times and, while it tries to give Wolf the benefit of the doubt, it also notes the economic damage of the lockdown, and how many counties are starting to consider opening regardless.

It also demonstrates Wolf’s ongoing warrior fantasy:
“He pledged to withhold coronavirus aid from them and branded them “cowards,” accusing them of “choosing to desert in the face of the enemy, in the middle of a war that we Pennsylvanians are winning and that we must win.”” —- The article also highlights this WaPo-Ipsos poll, framing the support as “more than 2 in 3” supporting Wolf, while neatly concealing the sample size. In actually, the poll only had anywhere between “219 to 962” people interviewed per state.

2.) Ohio. —- After a ton of pressure in not much time, Gov. Mike Dewine announced that gyms can reopen on 26MAY provided they meet “safety protocols.” It’s long overdue, but as my friend Mike Newbern points out, gyms and other physical activity centers were among the last industries to get even a passing glance from Ohio’s government.

By the way, to fall back on the discussion about PwrBld, allow me to bring up something else.

Georgia opened pretty aggressively. Neighboring states did not. — Data shows that people who lived in those states came here.

As other states around PA open, PA itself will be hard pressed to find reasons to stay closed.
Suffocating small businesses has, so far, only resulted in that business either going elsewhere or opening in defiance of the government, as we’re seeing with PwrBld and many other gyms.

But, as a closing thought, if there is going to be a revolt against government overreach, why WOULDN’T it start in the Philadelphia area?

More as it develops.

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