Lifting Lockdown: Episode 3

Originally posted on 13MAY2020

Previously on Lockdown Lifting: —- We learned that some are now starting to worry about if the lockdowns have damaged Americans’ long-term physical and mental health.

We checked out a gym called Danko’s All American Fitness, which has joined the growing list of PA gyms looking open sooner rather than later. PwrBld near Philly released the guidelines for their reopening, as well.

And Trump is slated to visit Allentown tomorrow.

Tonight on Lockdown Lifting, I feel compelled to shift the focus a bit, and discuss public health more broadly. Tonight, we follow up on 10X Fitness, we discuss the impact of the lockdowns yet further, and check in on Ohio.

1.) Pennsylvania. —- [H/T Leigh Gower] —- Perhaps surprising to nobody, 10X Fitness in Taylor was hit with about 4 citations and forced to close. In a statement released on the gym’s Facebook page, they stated that they have “shown how important mental health is to our community and the vital role a gym plays.”

10X says they are exploring “any and all” possibilities for reopening. I asked if there was any way to support them from outside the area (Taylor is out by Scranton), but as of this moment I have not heard back. — Over at Alpha Fitness in Chambersburg, PA, we have this photo of who I presume to be the owner, Jeremiah Snyder, talking to a police officer. It’s rather obvious that Snyder has no intention of shutting down. —- There is a GoFundMe set up for legal fees and related costs for operating. —- [H/T Elysa Sanchez] —- And now, a lesson in tone-deafness. From the article: “While Levine beefs up rules and oversight at nursing homes and long-term care facilities, ABC27 learned the health secretary’s mother recently vacated a personal care home in the Midstate.

“My mother requested, and my sister and I as her children complied to move her to another location during the Covid-19 outbreak,” Levine said. “My mother is 95 years old. She is very intelligent and more than competent to make her own decisions.”” ——- The basis of releasing the lockdowns is because people CAN make their own decisions, and should be allowed to. This only ends with “well, it’s different when *I* do it.” —- State Representatives have also highlighted the Health Secretary’s comments.

2.) State’s Fights. — [H/T Donna Marts] —- Wyoming gyms will now be able to go live, including open locker rooms and personal training, on Friday. —- [H/T Quintin Meyer] —- Wisconsin’s Supreme Court has shot down an extension of the “Safer at Home” order in the state. With no backup plan, this effectively means all businesses are able to open. —- [H/T Mike Newbern] —- In what is starting to feel more like a personal vendetta over the Arnold than any rational thought process, “hair salons, barbershops and other personal services, as well as outdoor seating at bars and restaurants” will be allowed to reopen Friday, in addition to “Massage services, tattoo parlors and piercing businesses,” according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. But, for some reason, not gyms. — Also in Ohio, the lawsuit we discussed yesterday has now made headlines. It’s good to see this thing get exposure. Ohio is becoming as active as PA is in regards to gyms fighting the lockdowns.

3.) Public health. —- [H/T Leigh Gower] —-The lockdowns may have made the opioid crisis even worse. This ties in nicely with the discussion yesterday about the lockdowns damaging people’s physical and mental health.

For the record, they’ve generally made EVERYTHING worse, including domestic violence, child abuse, and mental illness. This is just the latest layer. — Finally tonight, I want to pull this bit out from the archives. Friendship Fitness is a gym in Central Ohio. In this blog post from April, they discuss the events of the lockdown in Ohio, and how the government there apparently views health and fitness facilities. Friendship’s Jeff Binek makes the case that such facilities should have been seen as partners in public health, not as being a “recreational” facility on par with Laser Tag.

It’s a fantastic read, and demonstrates the rather counterproductive logic of closing down the businesses best equipped to help people prevent or mitigate sickness.

It is almost sad to see, frankly. As Binek notes in the article, boosting one’s immune system, among others, is one of the best tools against things like COVID. In addition, more people die from a host of other *preventable* diseases, namely cardiovascular.

A lot of governments told everyone they wanted people to be healthy, while undermining that concept at every turn. I imagine he is reading that Time article, wondering where the rest of the country has been for the last month.

18MAY continues to be a big day for Lockdown Lifting. We’ll almost surely see more gyms take matters into their own hands, but for now we will leave it there.

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