Lifting Lockdown: Episode 2

Lockdown Lifting: Episode 2 Previously on Lockdown Lifting: A petition in St. Louis aimed to open gyms, saying that gyms were “absolutely essential” to mental and physical health. (Because they are).

We checked in on efforts in Ohio to go the legal route, testifying before a legislature….and efforts in neighboring Pennsylvania to kick the doors open regardless. (Think of it as conventional vs. sumo.)

We heard from the leader of Corpus Christi-based Third Coast Strength Solutions, Ram Hernandez, on their plans to open in Texas on 18MAY, alongside other gyms in the state.


Tonight, we discuss the aftermath of events from Episode 1, we bounce around the raging trash fire that is the “well-coordinated” northeastern reopening, and check in on other states in the process of letting the oxygen back into their economy. —- True to its word 10x Fitness in Taylor, PA did indeed open. It was promptly cited by police. The DA says the law is in place to “keep folks safe,” and is NOT one of the DAs who have been saying they will not prosecute businesses which open in defiance of Wolf’s order. —- Another PA gym, Danko’s All American Fitness, has announced plans to reopen soon as well. —- Collin Whitney’s PwrBld Gym, which had already announced plans to reopen, laid out the rules for that reopening earlier today. Collin tells me a handful of other gyms are also planning to open up on 18MAY. —- Meanwhile, here is yet another DA saying he won’t prosecute businesses that open in defiance of Wolf’s orders. —- Finally, while not powerlifting-related per se, it’s worth noting that Trump is planning to show up in Allentown on Thursday. He is ostensibly there to tour a medical supply company, but he has also made comments about how “the great people of Pennsylvania want their freedom now” and taking regular pot shots at Gov. Tom Wolf, alongside most of the country.

(Sidebar: How ironic/depressing would it be for PENNSYLVANIA to go into INDEPENDENCE DAY in LOCKDOWN? Anyway…..) —- In a 7-minute long video, Ian Smith of Atilis Gym in Ballmawr, New Jersey states that they will go live on 18MAY, and lays out his reasoning. He notes that the models went from being near-apocalyptic to….not, that large businesses are permitted to operate with no restrictions, and that the current closures are at best hypocritical. Regardless, it’s worth checking out. —- New York also has a phased reopening, but nobody’s really sure what businesses fall into which category. —- Meanwhile, Joe Sullivan and Tim Cassell of Ohio-based Pinnacle Performance testified before the Ohio House 2020 Economic Recovery Task Force. —- What came out appear to be a list of guidelines for gyms to follow. In a rarity for northeastern governments (hello PA), they also seem to note that there is no “one size fits all” approach. [H/T Mike Newbern] —- Of course, the direct approach is also perfectly acceptable, with independent gyms suing the state to reopen.

[H/T Jill Kummer] St. Louis County is suing to force two independent gyms to close. The county wants a Joe Corbett, owner of the House of Pain gyms to close, AND turn over the names and contact information of everyone who has been in the building. In addition, the County wants Corbett to pay for the testing of everyone on that list. Corbett’s attorney notes that the state has allowed gyms to open, and that the county’s order tries to overrule it. —- South Carolina is slowly coming back online. Yesterday, Governor Henry McNaster announced that salons, gyms, barbershops, and other “close contact businesses” would be allowed to open on 18MAY. —- Finally, a gym in Arlington, WA has decided to open in defiance of the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order. (That’s an awkward sentence, if there ever was one.) The state has a 4-phase reopening, with gyms reopening in phase 3. Trouble is phase 2 isn’t expected until at least 01JUN. For now, that is the state of play.

We now look forward to 18MAY, but that’s all I’ve got for today.

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