Lifting Lockdown: Episode 10

Wait two weeks, Georgia will be Italy, you’ll see.
Wait two weeks, Georgia will be New York, you’ll see.
Wait two weeks, Georgia will see a surge, you’ll see. —- “A month since Georgia took some of the earliest and most extensive steps to reopen parts of its economy, COVID-19 cases have largely flattened in the state, albeit with a slight recent uptick.”

Week Six starts Friday! — The Atlantic’s “Georgia’s Experiment In Human Sacrifice” is this pandemic’s “Dewey Defeats Truman.”


Previously on Lifting Lockdown:
– PA’s government quietly backed off the term “new normal” in exchange for “nothing past green.”
– Catholics and Lutherans got a ban on large gatherings lifted in Minnesota.
– Gyms continued opening across PA, regardless of what the Governor wants.

Tonight, Atilis goes to court, and we continue to untangle the “well-coordinated” northeast reopen and the trainwreck it refuses to stop being.

1.) Atilis —- Something I missed last episode. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said that the state would allow professional sports teams to begin training camps. This would include the Sky Blue FC soccer team the Governor owns.

But train at Atilis and you’re a criminal because reasons. —- Speaking of which, it was perhaps inevitable that it would reach this stage, but Ian Andrew and Atilis Gym are going to Federal court over the lockdown. The argument, of course, is that Gov. Murphy is operating well outside of his authority. —- Ian posted the lawsuit on his public Facebook. — FOX News’ Senior Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano gave his thoughts on the case as well. He seems to think the gym has a pretty decent shot in court, because the Governor is largely making up laws.

2.) PA —- The green phase has changed AGAIN since we last met. It at least SEEMS like gyms are open in the green phase, but with capacity at 50%

Reference Lifting Lockdown Episodes 8 (last Wednesday), and 9 (last Friday), and now here. —- Danko’s All American Fitness opened. It was cited. — Meanwhile, Webb’s World of Fitness is also still open, and patrons aren’t too concerned.

From the article: ““I’m not worried whatsoever,” said Joel Brayton, a five-year member of Webb’s. He was just about to start his two- to three-hour workout on Friday around 11:30 a.m., when there were around 27 cars parked in the gym’s parking lot off Cypress Hill Drive.

As a power lifter, Brayton’s point of view is simple. “Gyms should be open.”” — Officials in Hempfield are now looking for Gov. Wolf to end the red-yellow-green stuff and just reopen the economy. — Gov. Wolf’s pattern thus far has been to loosen restrictions and such in line with his opponents’ movements. As this timeline shows pretty well, Wolf has developed a tendency to veto Republican actions, only to mimic those actions. —- Meanwhile, Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden says that Gov. Wolf’s reopening plan is a model for the rest of the country.

This is a “model for the country” only if you hate your citizenry.

3.) Physical health. —- New study out of the UK says that the lockdowns from Covid-19 risk a spike in chronic diseases. This is yet another study on the added costs of long-term lockdown that we have been told to ignore by Gov. Wolf and others.

4.) 614 Barbell. —614 Barbell’s Eric Miller posted this awesome reflection on the reopening of the gym in Columbus. He writes that “no matter what side of the fence you sit with this whole pandemic, just try and remember no matter how tough it might be for you now it is a lot tougher for someone else.”

It’s a solid read, and worth checking out.

5.) Final thoughts.

It’s worth being upfront with you. I am always wondering, at this point, whether an episode of Lifting Lockdown will be out-of-date the moment I release it. Wolf’s changed the metrics so fast it’s impossible to figure out if they’ll change today, or during Wolf’s presser tomorrow, or perhaps next Wednesday.

The pressure is building on Gov. Wolf, from Republicans noting that they are leading, to businesses opening regardless of his order, to the growing economic damage in PA, to the growing ECONOMY in other states (such as 614’s home state of Ohio).

I continue to believe at this point that Wolf is racing people. And he’s behind. He’s behind the GOP leadership in the House, as seen by his following their ideas almost to the letter. He’s behind businesses, who are contributing more to the economy than they would under his plan (and whose rebellion has resulted in loosening green phase restrictions). Finally, he’s behind other states, as they open faster and are more than eager to be where PA residents spend their money.

And, remarkably, the language is softening. What was once phases and restrictions is now phases and “increased guidance.”

Tomorrow should be interesting, but he has lost control. Small businesses, churches, and non-profits are defying his order, supporting their communities, and ultimately lifting the lockdown.

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